In 2005 Johnny Debut found himself working in the entertainment industry stressed out and uneducated about proper diet. Within two years Johnny gained almost 30 pounds with no relief in sight. Johnny took another position in the entertainment industry to allow more time for self-gratitude.

Johnny joined a gym and began exploring different fitness regiments. In 2006 Johnny attended his first Spin class. Although discouraged at first, He returned every week after discovering an instructor suitable to his own needs resulting in his own weight loss success. Johnny’s passion for the bike passion drove him to begin street and fixed gear road biking.

In 2007 Johnny Debut became a certified Spinning instructor through Maddog Athletics. In 2009 Johnny Debut was a credited top Ten Spin instructor by Muscle TV beginning his transition into the fitness industry. Johnny Debut would also acquire a list of crediting studios such as Hot Body Athletics, Gold’s Gym, Made in LA, Crunch Gyms, as well as Special appearances throughout California. Johnny Currently resides as Pedal Spin Studios Regional Director of Fitness in Los Angeles, California overseeing all training and instructor development. Johnny has also made his way back into the entertainment industry working as a fitness consultant for companies like ABC Family, NBC, A&E, and Universal.

In 2010 Johnny attended West Los Angeles College where he furthered his personal fitness education for his Ace certification. After being accredited through the American Fitness Association in 2011 and with the encouragement of his Partner, Johnny Debut left the entertainment industry and began his solo training career at Hollywood Gym in Hollywood, California. It would not be too long before he discovered the average gym to be to impersonal for his clients and their needs. After just a year Johnny moved his training high above the hills of Echo Park, California where he still resides in his home based indoor and outdoor gym.

“The home is a place of security and honesty. It’s a place void of distraction and a place where we are free to express our pain and our progress. Regardless of Debut Industries address it will always encompass this environment.” -Johnny Debut

Johnny Debut holds 100% success rate because he and his trainers hold their clients accountable for their own progress.  Debut Industries has maintained a full roster since its creation and works solely on referrals. Johnny’s passionate approach to a healthy lifestyle surpasses the average training methods created by larger gyms…. To Johnny and his team, It’s Personal.

“I began training because I spent years teaching Spin/Indoor Cycling looking not at a mirror but something much better. I got to watch classes full of individuals who broke through physical barriers. I get this same fulfillment from my Personal Training clients. They are a reflection of myself. It’s because of the joy I get in watching my clients grown physically and spiritually and I aspire to be the best I can be for them. This is why I do what I do……” Johnny Debut